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Implementing a visually appealing environment creates a positive reflection of your business. We understand the importance of blending functionality with style to deliver outstanding value that meets your needs. Discover the advantage of ordering a Commercial Zone product.
Product Series
Seed Waste Receptacle
Dimensions: 38H x 21D
Contact us to obtain a quote for quantities of 50 or more.

Wood-like 15-Gallon Waste Receptacle
  • Individually hand decorated for a natural wood appearance
  • Integrates earth friendly colors and modern plastic to give a contemporary appearance
  • Includes 15-gallon liner with a self-centering liner guide to secure liner back into place for a perfect fit every time
  • Better value, constructed from extremely durable polyethylene; designed to withstand the harshest environments! 
  • Receptacle includes 15-gallon polyethylene liner with Grab Bag™ system to secure the trash bag in place for a clean appearance
  • Glossy funnel top design accents the overall look – opening size is 8” diameter
  • Lid fits snug to base for a secure attachment
  • Made in USA
  • 1-year warranty
  • Liner ships inside the Waste or Recycler; ships in one carton
  • Ships via UPS
Smoker's Outpost
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