Consumers like to support brands that are environmentally friendly.

Around 55% of consumers are even willing to pay more for a product or service that is committed to making a positive environmental impact. Brands are searching for ways to be more environmentally conscious for this new age of consumers. One method is by adopting a multi-stream waste and recycling setup. 

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Multi-stream waste and recycling involves a series of bins for different disposed items, such as compostable food waste, paper recycling or bins specifically for plastic and glass. While this approach may not be right for every business, it can dramatically reduce recycling contamination and waste sent to landfills.

How can your business implement a multi-stream waste and recycling program that is attractive to consumers, good for business and best for the environment?

Learn more about how multi-stream waste and recycling programs can help reduce recycling contamination rates and how to start a program at your business.

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