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Garden™ Series

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Create a contemporary and inviting aesthetic with the Garden Series™, a product line that combines earth tones with modern plastic. Each unit is individually hand decorated to create an authentic wood grain appearance. Protected with a UV-resistant coating, this series is manufactured from durable, recycled polyethylene that won’t rust, dent or chip.

  • Upgrade either indoor or outdoor spaces with a planter that’s as sustainable as it is beautiful. The Elmwood Planter instantly enhances any space with its distinctive woodgrain appearance. Constructed of environmentally-friendly and long-lasting polyethylene, this planter blends seamlessly with waste and recycling containers from the Garden Series.
  • Create a look that’s contemporary and environmentally friendly while encouraging proper recycling. The Cypress 15-gallon recycling bin integrates a hand-stained woodgrain appearance with long-lasting polyethylene for a contemporary recycling solution. Recycling decals are included to encourage proper sorting.
  • Enhance your environment with an aesthetic that’s both modern and natural with a Garden Series waste container. This 15-gallon trash receptacle is constructed from long-lasting, environmentally-friendly polyethylene and hand-stained for a natural wood grain finish that complements both indoor and outdoor spaces.
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