Building a more sustainable business with a multi-stream system

Multi-stream waste and recycling is a more environmentally friendly way for your customers to dispose of trash, recyclables and compostable waste like food scraps. By providing separate containers for different streams, your business can reduce landfill bound waste, increase recycling convenience and improve collection efficiency.

Commercial Zone makes multi-stream easy with a variety of indoor and outdoor receptacles for trash, recycling and compost streams. Each receptacle can include decals to educate customers, increase compliance and reduce contamination.

Find a Multi-Stream Configuration That’s Right for Your Business

Industries That Benefit From Multi-Stream Configurations

  • C-Stores & Fuel
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Hospitality & Dining
  • Property Management
  • Arenas & Large Venues
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Schools & Universities
  • Municipalities

Learn more about multi-stream trash, recycling and compost systems and how implementing a multi-stream program can benefit your business.

Multi-Stream Benefits Whitepaper