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Commercial Zone Products is a site furnishings supplier that offers a variety of solutions to fit various industries needs. We focus on product innovation for the industry as well as working with customers one-on-one if they need a custom solution or more options.

For over 50 years; Commercial Zone Products has been a leader in designing and manufacturing the highest quality site furnishing solutions to some of the world’s most successful retail, convenience store, restaurant, businesses and hotel companies. We have the experience necessary to ensure that every product not only looks and functions great, but is durable to withstand the environment for which it was designed.

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Over 50 Years of Industry Experience

  • Custom Solutions and Product Options

  • Fast Shipping, Global Distribution

  • Great Customer Service

  • High Quality Products

  • Most Products are Made with 25% Recycled Material

  • 1-Year Risk Free Warranty

  • Products Withstand Various Weather Conditions

  • Long Lifecycle High-Density Polyethylene Plastic

  • Comprehensive Product Offering

  • Quality Provider of Facility Maintenance Solutions

  • Design and Engineering Advantage

  • Investment in New Product Lines

  • Environmentally Friendly Business

  • Global Presence


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing business practices that are Smart Solutions for a better tomorrow. Here are just a few of our sustainability goals:

  • Whenever possible, we manufacture our products using recycled material and many of our products are made with at least 25% Post-Consumer Recycled Material.

  • Shipping cartons for our products are made with recycled material.

  • We offer various recycling bins that complement many different environments; giving everyone the opportunity to offer recycling containers. Check out the extensive Green Zone product line.

You will find the recycling logo listed on our product pages and we always list out the percentage of recycled material used.

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