3 Ways C-stores & Gas Stations Can Help Customers Prevent Winter Vehicle Damage

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November 10, 2022

3 Ways C-stores & Gas Stations Can Help Customers Prevent Winter Vehicle Damage

Provide the right site furnishings for customers to avoid vehicle damage from road salt to increase brand preference this winter.

person pumping gas in winter

All too soon, many roadways in the U.S. will be covered with snow, slush and salt. Salt is great for keeping roadways safer by preventing ice and snow build-up, but it can be damaging to a vehicle. For C-stores and gas stations, this presents an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty by providing customers with site furnishing to help keep vehicles and hands clean.


Offer car wash stations to clean vehicle body

Road salt is corrosive, and it can eat through vehicle paint over time causing damage or rust—especially on the car’s undercarriage. Experts say to get a car wash every two weeks during the salty winter months. Drivers in snowy climates are more likely to frequent a gas station or c-store that offers a car wash option. Once on the premise, they are also more likely to fill up the tank or stop inside and make additional purchases.


Provide a windshield service station to clean windows

Road salt can make it hard for drivers to see properly and be damaging to windshield wiper blades. Improve the customer experience by providing a conveniently located windshield service station that gives fuel customers a chance to clean excess road salt off their windshields. The Vue-T-Ful® Windshield Service Center can be mounted to a pole or column, keeping the unit off the ground and conveniently placed for customers. The included squeegee, fluid bucket and paper towel dispenser remove salt and grime from windows.


Ensure visitors have access to paper towels, hand sanitizer and gloves to clean their hands

When filling up with gas, road salt residue from the gas cap hatch can transfer to the skin. In the same way road salt is corrosive to cars, it is also bad for the skin. With the Aruba Waste Windshield Service Center, customers can easily access a squeegee to clean off windows, paper towels to wipe the salt from their hands or gas cap hatch, toss in the waste receptacle and apply hand sanitizer post-fill-up. A convenient glove dispenser also helps customers avoid contact with salt entirely.


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