Cleanliness Can Make or Break the Guest Experience

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August 19, 2020

Cleanliness Can Make or Break the Guest Experience

Now that America has officially reopened, it's critical for businesses to keep their spaces clean and sanitized. There will be a collective effort to keep the spread of coronavirus to a minimum. How do businesses do this while maintaining the ultimate guest experience? Commercial Zone has multiple products that will help keep spaces clean and tidy so guests feel safe and cared for.

It’s been a tough go for a lot of businesses since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether they’ve been shut down or had customer limitations, the 2020 business climate has been anything but normal for business owners.

The reopening of America will take a collective effort to help keep the spread of coronavirus to an absolute minimum. It’s going to take reliance on public health strategies and cooperation from businesses to follow the guidelines being laid out. As we continue working toward something that resembles “normal,” it’s important to remember that customers will have an even keener eye for cleanliness moving forward.

Offering an enhanced level of customer service starts with the care put into making your spaces clean. Today, unkempt areas can quickly create a negative image and cause customers to go elsewhere. Even as the effects of the pandemic continue, businesses like gas stations, hotels and restaurants are actually seeing an increase in business as doors are opening and people are trying to kick their stir craziness. For these service-driven industries, cleanliness can make or break the guest experience.

For the road warriors

For gas stations, business levels are on the upswing with people eager to get back on the road. With more business comes more touches on the gas pumps and windshield cleaning tools, which could translate to broader transmission of coronavirus. Regularly wiping down handles and collecting trash are excellent ways to help make drivers feel safe and motivate them to come back when they need to top off the tank.

To help customers feel even safer, Commercial Zone offers clean stations for pump islands to help create safer touches and increase customer satisfaction. These specially equipped units make dispensers for hand sanitizer and disposable gloves readily available, along with the all-in-one convenience of trash disposal and windshield cleaning.

In their efforts to create safer touches and increase satisfaction for customers, many gas stations are also adding clean station equipped PolyTec™ series waste containers from Commercial Zone, which seamlessly integrate dispensers for hand sanitizers, hygienic wipes and disposable gas gloves.

Clean station lids, with dispensers for each of the sanitizing components, are also available for existing 42-gallon square PolyTec™, StoneTec® and Islander™ series containers.

Eating (where it’s) clean

In the world of restaurants, aesthetics are often as important to the customer experience as food quality – especially when people are finally out and about again. Keeping counters, tables, doors and other common areas properly wiped down has been a point of emphasis. But with more patrons eating outside to practice social distancing at restaurants, trash receptacles and their contents can be on display more often than they have been in the past.

Unsightly trash receptacles can compromise the public’s view of a restaurant. That’s why many are choosing to add Commercial Zone waste containers. These rugged and attractive trash cans are designed to encourages patrons to use them and also keep trash out of sight. They also help to deter pests.

“Enjoy your stay”

Like gas stations, hotels are also seeing their numbers finally begin to move up. Now that in many regions people have been given the green light to get out of the house, hotel lobbies are filling up with travelers who have been itching for their long-awaited vacation. If you want to keep the reservation books full, you may want to consider trash receptacles that’ll keep your lobby looking pristine.

One ideal choice for accentuating your lobby’s style, while also hiding trash from the view of guests, is the Precision Series® Trash Container. Its stainless steel construction gives this container a sophisticated look and long-term durability, even under the stress of all-day use.

Commercial Zone helps make it easy to present a clean environment for your customers. Remember that waste containers amplify cleanliness, which also inspires people to appreciate your service. Superb customer experience is hidden in the details, the little things. Take the time to focus on them because you never know who’s going to write your next Yelp review.