Complete C-Store Solutions

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January 26, 2021

Complete C-Store Solutions

Commercial Zone Products has everything you need to outfit your pump island to the inside of your C-Store. With the right combination of C-Store solutions, we'll ensure that all our furnishing solutions work together seamlessly and beautifully to help elevate your brand and keep customers coming back.

C-Store Solutions_Pump Island

In the fast-paced C-store business, you need a partner with the strength and agility to keep up with your high-volume, often evolving needs. Bringing customers back is all about meeting expectations and delivering a fast and consistent experience. With the right combination of C-store solutions, you’ll drive traffic in-store and get the repeat business that convenience stores rely on.

And with Commercial Zone, that’s what you get.

Convenience stores and gas stations turn to Commercial Zone for the complete solutions they need to drive success including windshield centers, recycling containers and trash cans, cigarette receptacles and other related products. Whether choosing a product from our vast in-stock selection or letting us design a truly custom solution, we ensure that all site furnishings work seamlessly and beautifully together to elevate your brand.

Let’s start with the area of your business that gets the most traffic – gas pumps. Oftentimes the functionality and appearance of the pump area gives customers their first impression of your business. Make their car cleanup convenient with the waste and windshield service centers. These durable single- or double-sided service centers can accommodate both sides of a pump island for additional accessibility. The Aruba Series with Clean Solutions offers three waste and windshield centers with optional dispensers for hand sanitizers, disposable gloves and sanitary wipes to encourage proper hygiene and create safer touches at the pump.

When cleaning out their vehicles, customers need a place to toss their plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Update your current recycling solution to the 42-gallon Open Top Mixed-Recycling Container. This recycler is made to last in any environment – built with recycled, graffiti-resistant polyethylene that won’t rust, dent or chip.

Cigarette butts can be the most pervasive type of litter and can lead to an unkempt exterior of your business. That could deter customers from coming inside. Improve the appearance and environmental health of your property with the Smoker’s Outpost®, a cigarette receptacle that encourages visitors to properly discard used cigarette butts.

While cleanliness is a priority outside, ensuring a clean interior enhances the customer experience and helps increase customer loyalty. In the midst of a pandemic, proper hygiene practices are essential in high-traffic businesses like convenience stores. PolyTec™ Clean Station waste containers are equipped with dispensers for hand-sanitizers, gloves and sanitary wipes to give customers peace of mind.

Trigger high-impulse buys before checkout with the FlexZone™ Standard Merchandiser. This highly functional fixture adjusts to different formations, giving you the flexibility to easily adjust your display space and sell more impulse items like chips and candy.

When you partner with Commercial Zone, you’ll have the dedicated, daily support of a team that works with you from beginning to end, providing product education, consultation and ride-along support. We partner with you to understand your unique situation so we can identify the best solutions for your site.

To learn more about complete solutions or specific products from Commercial Zone, contact us or call 800-782-7273.