Durability Meets Sustainability With PolyTec™

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October 8, 2020

Durability Meets Sustainability With PolyTec™

Whether you're at the gas station, convenience store, supermarket or local fast food place, there's a good chance that the waste containers at several of those locations are PolyTec™ from Commercial Zone. The popular series, allows you to find the perfect container for any space.

Next time you’re out and about, take a look at the waste receptacles you see. Whether you’re at the gas station, convenience store, supermarket or fast food place, there’s a good chance that the waste containers at several of those locations are PolyTec™ from Commercial Zone.

And with the launch of an expanded list of recycler options, there’s a good chance you’ll see PolyTec™ recyclers, too.

PolyTec™ series waste containers from Commercial Zone are among the most popular commercial-grade units due to their durability, easy maintenance and flexible options that allow them to complement or enhance virtually every brand. They are available with square or rectangular openings.

“Business owners, facility managers and maintenance crews appreciate the graffiti-resistant materials on PolyTec waste containers,” said Joe Crum, Director of Marketing and eCommerce for Commercial Zone. “They also like the recycled polyethylene construction, which won’t rust, dent or chip. And that’s especially key as we’re about to move into the harsh winter months.”

Building on the popularity of PolyTec™, Commercial Zone has expanded its recycler options, each of which are constructed from the same UV-protected polyethylene, which ensures durability and a long-lasting, fresh appearance.

Recycling containers include a 42-gallon square base with two style choices: tall, dome lid with side opening or a compact top-load function. Both include large recycling or mixed-recycling decals to encourage proper disposal, and the patented Grab Bag™ system to secure trash bags for hassle-free maintenance.

The PolyTec™ dome-lid recycler features a choice of opening shape – oval or slot-with-circle – on both sides of the extra-large lid and are available in four colors: black, beige, blue and forest green. Complementary lid and base colors can also be mixed to create a unique look.

The PolyTec™ open-top recycler features a compact lid with a choice of circle, oval or slot-with-circle, openings. These units are available in eight popular colors to match virtually any brand or decor: black, beige, gray, blue, brown, dark blue, forest green and nuthatch.

“Many businesses are taking a closer look at their waste containers to see if they’re ready and meeting the needs of their customers,” Crum said. “And many have realized that they could use an upgrade, particularly in the area of recycling.”

Crum noted that due to the coming cold and flu season, and the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are also adding new Clean Solutions models to their waste management systems. These units are equipped with dispensers for hand sanitizer, hygienic wipes and disposable gloves, each designed to create safer touches for customers and staff.

Clean Solutions waste containers are available in either black or gray and are built with all the durability and appearance benefits of the standard PolyTec™ models. Any existing 42-gallon square waste container can easily be converted to a clean station by adding a PolyTec™ Clean Solutions replacement lid and can be configured to include liquid sanitizer, wipes and gloves dispenser options.

For more information about PolyTec™ series, or any of the waste and recycler solutions available from Commercial Zone, contact us or call 800-782-7273.