How Multi-Stream Waste & Recycling Can Help Your Business be More Sustainable

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August 17, 2022

How Multi-Stream Waste & Recycling Can Help Your Business be More Sustainable

Adding multi-stream waste and recycling can improve overall waste disposal for your business. See how a three-bin system can ensure less waste goes to landfills.

Changing consumer behaviors is never easy. Take waste disposal for example. It took years for American consumers to adopt recycling (current rate of 32%) versus waste disposal. But as the irreversible effects of climate change continue to become more understood, consumers are learning that there’s a better way to ensure less waste is going to the landfill and more recyclables can be reused as intended. This is done through multi-stream waste, recycling and organic waste disposal—a three-bin system.

How multi-stream can help the environment  

Americans throw away 80 billion pounds of food waste per year. That’s more than any other country. To reduce the amount of food waste going to landfills, many companies are offering organic waste or compost options to customers to help do their part.

Just like you are used to finding a garbage and a recycling receptacle paired together, multi-stream simply adds additional receptacles for compost to further the sorting of waste and reduce the amount sent to landfills. This system can also go beyond three bins to sort recycling further (like glass and plastic versus paper). Don’t worry, consumers won’t need an environmental science degree to understand what goes where.

PolyTec Milti-Stream

How multi-stream can help your business

Is multi-stream waste and recycling right for you? The first step in making this decision is to perform a waste audit and understand the amount of waste your business is producing and the types of items that are being placed in the receptacles. If you uncover a wide variety of waste that includes recyclables, food waste and non-recyclable trash, a three-bin system is right for you.

By adding additional receptacles, your business can work towards sustainability goals by ensuring less waste is ending up in landfills. Receptacles like the PolyTec™ use clear, easy-to-understand labels and decals to make multi-stream waste & recycling simple.

In the state of California, a new law aims to reduce waste going to landfills by diverting organic waste in compost receptacles. Laws like this could potentially pass in additional states in the future. Is your business prepared?

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