Commercial Property Waste Management

Working in partnership, we commit to understanding your business so that we can provide you with products that offer lasting value, functionality and beauty.

Property managers need to keep spaces clean and up to code. Commercial property waste management can be difficult to coordinate and waste containers that complement your facility can be hard to find. Commercial Zone has a variety of trash cans, recycling bins, planters, and benches that will add value to your space and provide functionality for people around your properties.

Bulk Waste Containers for Commercial Properties

Commercial Zone offers waste containers in several styles, so you can create a cohesive look for your property. Our waste containers come in stainless steel, recycled plastic lumber, polyethylene, powder-coated steel, and concrete. The style and material depend on whether the trash bins will be used for indoor or outdoor use. Steel trash cans are more durable and more suitable for outdoor use.

Sizes for trash cans go up to 55 gallons. Trash cans come in a variety of colors and our team can create a customized design incorporating your company’s logo.

Commercial Recycling Containers

Commercial Zone carries single- and dual-stream recycling containers for use in commercial properties. The recycling containers are available in all the materials and colors available for trash cans. Property managers can also opt to purchase identical trash and recycling bins for use on a property. In that case, our team will label the recycling containers so users can differentiate between trash and recycling easily.

Comprehensive Site Furnishings

On top of the waste and recycling containers available, we offer other fixtures that will complement any retail property. We offer indoor and outdoor commercial benches for attractive seating in waiting areas or for community enrichment. Our benches can be constructed out of stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and wood.

Cigarette receptacles are a great way to reduce waste on your property.  These can also be customized with different colors and logos to match our traditional trash and recycling containers.

Planters add style to your space. These come in a variety of sizes and can be made to match our cigarette receptacles, recycling containers, and waste containers. Our team can help you create a cohesive look for your commercial space—please contact us to learn more about our pricing and customization options.

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