Putting Trash Cans Front & Center

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December 8, 2020

Putting Trash Cans Front & Center

What if your waste containers did more than just collect trash but added a touch of style, class, and continuity to your business space? The ModTec™ series is designed to elevate the look of any space for one of the most unappealing items, the trash can. The best part is they're just as functional and easy to use.

It’s one of the truest thoughts in running a business: Where there are people, there will also be trash.

Here’s a new thought: What if your waste receptacles did more than collect trash and actually added a touch of style, class and continuity to the decor?

Commercial trash cans handle some of the most unpleasant dirty work in a facility. They become host to things like discarded food, soiled tissues, empty containers, plastic bags of dog waste and the occasional, “what is that?”

The ModTec™ series is designed to always look their best while patrons give them their worst. Featuring a sleek, upscale look that improves overall site appeal, ModTec™ waste containers look more like pieces of art than they do collectors of trash.

The best part? They’re as functional and easy to use as they are fantastic to look at.

The sculpted, high-density polyethylene body – available in either old bronze or gunmetal satin – delivers long-term durability, without fading, chipping or denting. The 304-grade stainless steel top provides a sharp look that will last for years.

ModTec™ trash cans are available in either 39-gallon or 20-gallon sizes.

Adding to the appeal is a line of matching commercial planters, which helps create a cohesive look across a lobby, meeting room, office building or salon. Essentially anywhere there’s a need for trash collection and maintaining a stylish appearance.

“When most people think of adding new waste containers, they imagine that they’re going to have to either pick function or form,” said Joe Crum, Director of Marketing and eCommerce for Commercial Zone. “What’s so impressive about the ModTec Series is that it’s a perfect balance of both.”

With their simple, chiseled lines, the ModTec™ series is designed to always look great. But they’re also engineered to be simple to use for patrons and easy to maintain for staff.

“Personalization of site furnishings is a cost-effective way to immediately bring a brand into focus,” Crum said. “When your waste receptacles match your planters, and all match your primary brand color, you’re making a strong statement that will have an immediate positive impact on customers.”

The ModTec™ series is made in the USA, which trims lead times, and are backed by a one-year, risk-free warranty.

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