Simple Ways to Prep Your Store for Winter Weather

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November 30, 2021

Simple Ways to Prep Your Store for Winter Weather

Winter has a way of making things more difficult. Wet, slushy snow creates more work for stores that may already be overburdened during the busy retail season. And it doesn’t take a major blizzard to disrupt operations. Even routine snowfalls can create big messes for retailers, since snow has a way of making its way indoors on the shoes, boots, and jackets of customers, creating a risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Winter Weather

A little preparation can spare retailers some headaches. Here are some easy ways stores can prepare for the months ahead.

Sturdy Floor Mats

If you live in an area prone to snow, your entrance mats are going to get a workout, so you might as well invest in good ones. Lower quality floor mats soak through quickly, creating dangerous puddles and making your store look unkept. A better option is durable, non-slip floor mats that are more absorbent. Your store has an obligation to keep customers safe from slip-and-falls, and that begins with good, sturdy mats.

Signs and Mops

Even the thickest floor mats can only withstand so much. Puddles are inevitable during the winter, so make sure your store is prepared to deal with them. Proper warning signs can alert customers to potential slipping hazards and could reduce your liability in case of a slip-and-fall. Stores should also make sure they have several mops and buckets available so that employees can soak up puddles before they become a hazard.

Lidded Garbage Containers

Garbage disposal, too, becomes more difficult in the winter. Uncovered exterior garbage bins can fill with wet, messy snow, making bags heavier and more difficult to remove. Add to that the added probability of water-filled garbage bags breaking and leaking. Spare your employees that stress and mess with covered exterior trash containers. Commercial Zone offers an assortment of stylish, lidded containers, including the best-selling domed Standard PolyTec™ unit. These lids are designed to provide easy use while ensuring that garbage stays in and the elements stay out.

Consider Germs

Snow isn’t the only thing your customers are worried about this time of the year. When temperatures drop, seasonal viruses are top of mind. Put shoppers at ease by making sanitizer and wipes readily available. One space-saving solution is the PolyTec Clean Solution from Commercial Zone, which offers a trio of sanitization options: its design incorporates a hand sanitizer dispenser, glove dispenser and wipe holder.

While you’re upgrading your furnishings, consider replacing any worn or outdated benches, planters or recycling bins to give your store the makeover it deserves. Commercial Zone has multiple product lines that beautify any retail space. Learn more about our more than 600 unique products at Or call 800-782-7273 to talk with a member of our team of trained experts, who can help you integrate them.