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June 21, 2021

The Benefits of Taking Outdoor Breaks at Work

Taking breaks throughout the workday gives employees a chance to gather their thoughts and reset. When those breaks can be taken outside, it provides many benefits to the employee's overall health as well. Making sure your company has clean, inviting places for employees to recharge is crucial to overall satisfaction in the workplace.

Management styles are evolving fast. The days of grinding through lunch breaks are quickly being phased out in favor of big-picture methods that focus more on the long-term mental health of employees and workplace satisfaction.

As a result, more and more employers are actively pushing for employees to take frequent breathers throughout the day, and they’re seeing great results. It’s not surprising — according to The New York Times, scientific studies have shown that encouraging regular breaks helps employees to be more creative and productive, while keeping exhaustion and stress at bay.

Beyond giving employees a chance to gather their thoughts and gain some perspective, taking breaks when stressed can also help improve long-term health. Excessive stress can lead to several physical health problems, as well as emotional struggles.

It’s clear that taking breaks is beneficial. Employees who are able to take those breaks outside find that it’s a great way to amplify the positive effects.

According to Harvard Medical School, going outside provides numerous health benefits. The increase of vitamin D provided by sunlight can help prevent heart conditions, cancer, depression, and other health issues. Sunlight also makes people more cheerful, which naturally leads to increased productivity.

Studies have linked time spent outdoors to improved concentration, better short-term memory and reduced brain fog. Getting outside for lunch could lead to better output afterward – helping employees kick the afternoon slump to the wayside.

A simple way to motivate employees to get out more is by providing a functional yet inviting space outside your business.

Creating more outdoor seating for employees while enhancing the look of your business’ exterior is a great start. Having ample seating available can encourage workers to take their lunch breaks outside, energizing themselves for a productive afternoon. A touch of greenery also goes a long way to help boost the appearance of your outdoor seating area, while creating a peaceful environment for employees to enjoy.

Perhaps most important, keep outdoor spaces clean by giving employees a convenient way to dispose of trash from their lunch. Placing waste and recycling receptacles around outdoor seating areas makes a statement to employees that you care about the environment and their wellbeing.

Adding site furnishings like benches, waste receptacles and planters can liven up and improve the appearance of any outdoor space.

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