Top 5 Travel Trends This Summer

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July 14, 2021

Top 5 Travel Trends This Summer

The sun’s out and suitcases are ready to be packed. That’s right – it’s time for summer vacations. The forecast is bright, with 59% of Americans planning a summer getaway in 2021. People eager to make up for canceled trips have begun exploring again, putting the travel industry on the road to recovery.

Road Trip

With travel seeing steady gains alongside vaccine distribution, here’s a list of the top 4 travel trends you can expect to see in the sunny months ahead.

  1. Rise in Road Trips

Even with gas prices up almost a dollar since this time last year, taking to the open road remains one of the most popular vacations this summer. With varied rules for travel by air and different testing protocols for leaving and returning to the country, many will take the easy route and go by car, especially families with children too young to be vaccinated.

  1. Birth of “Flex-cations”

Many travelers are finding that they’re able to take longer trips by continuing to work remotely during their travels. Those “flex-cations” – longer stays that include work and play – are benefiting destinations and the hotel/resort industries. In the first quarter of this year, vacation rental demand increased, and the global average length of stay for vacation rentals jumped 30%.

  1. Return to Corporate Travel

Recent studies indicate that business travel is starting to make a comeback, shining a ray of hope on economic recovery. According to a recent poll by the Global Business Travel Association, more than 75% of respondents reported that they feel their employees are willing to travel for business in the current environment, up from 65% in April. What’s more, a study from TripActions shows that business travel bookings have increased by 303% since the first full week of 2021.

  1. Surge in Outdoor Activities

Participation in outdoor activities – such as biking, fishing and kayaking – remains popular among travelers this summer, even as indoor restrictions ease up. According to a report released by the Outdoor Industry Association, more than half of respondents use outdoor activities as a means to get out of the house, exercise, stay healthy, reconnect with nature or simply for fun. For Americans craving new outdoor experiences, adventure travel is booming – including everything from sailing journeys onboard luxury yachts to navigating the rapids of Costa Rica.

  1. Keeping it Close to Home

Most everyone is familiar with the term “staycation” but this year it’s getting a boost. With travel limitations both domestically and internationally, travelers are using their coveted vacation days to stay close to home in 2021.

While there are signs of interest in returning for international travel, U.S. tourists are opting to stay stateside for now. In the first quarter of 2021, beach and city trips made up the Top 10 booked destinations worldwide and within each region.

It’s clear that as more and more people begin to feel more comfortable with travel, we can expect to see a rise in tourists and adventurers domestically this summer. Hotels, airports and gas station operators can ensure they’re ready for the surge in activity by taking a quick look at their site furnishings. Now is the ideal time to update or upgrade trash and recycling containers, smoker’s centers, planters and benches, which elevates the brand and overall appearance of the business while creating a more inviting environment for travelers.

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