3 Ways Improving the Forecourt and Storefront Can Boost Sales

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June 13, 2023

3 Ways Improving the Forecourt and Storefront Can Boost Sales

Use these three tips to improve the forecourt/storefront experience at your C-store, gas station, or retail location.

merchandisers and bollard covers outside of a convenience store

The forecourt is the gateway to your business. And while not every shopper may enter the physical store, the forecourt offers an opportunity to make an impression with visitors, boost brand preference and increase sales on seasonal, impulse and discount items. Use these three tips to improve the forecourt/storefront experience at your c-store, gas station, or retail location.

1. Use Signage & Displays to Promote Sales

Some shoppers may be unaware of sale prices inside (especially the 56% that stop for gas and do not enter the store). Promoting discounts at the storefront can help draw attention and interest without patrons even walking through the front doors. Easy-to-read signage can communicate in-store sales promotions, driving shoppers inside while exterior merchandisers can display large and seasonal sale items outdoors. PolyTec™ Display Pallets raise larger bagged or boxed items off of ground level, while the PolyTec™ Roll Top Merchandisers can be locked when not in use to keep inventory safe without the need to move it indoors.

2. Ensure the Exterior is Safe & Easy to Navigate

Creating an environment that is safe for shoppers and employees is crucial, especially for c-stores and gas stations open 24/7. Reduce the risk of site damage and customer injury with safety features like adequate lighting, a clear perimeter and security cameras. One quick, economical safety upgrade is covering old, chipped bollards with new, easy-to-install bollard covers. The improved look of bollards will help establish a safe perimeter around objects and entrances, while the bright colors and reflective tape make bollards easy to spot day or night.

3. Focus on Communicating and Implementing Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Shoppers support businesses that make a positive environmental impact. And 55% of shoppers are willing to spend more on a product or service that values its environmental impact (while 40% are willing to avoid brands who aren’t eco-friendly enough). A clean, litter-free storefront is the first step. The forecourt is a great place to showcase dedication to sustainability. Offer trash, recycling, and compost bins side-by-side with a multi-stream waste and recycling set-up. Receptacles can be personalized to showcase your brand logo and can include easy-to-understand decals to encourage compliance. Offering multi-stream recycling options communicates the importance of recycling to patrons.

Elevate your storefront/forecourt with Commercial Zone. Our NEW line of PolyTec™ Merchandisers and Post Guard® Bollard Covers allow c-stores, truck stops, gas stations, and retailers to create a safe, shoppable environment that keeps customers returning time and time again. Learn more about our forecourt offerings or request a quote today.