3 Benefits of Adopting a Multi-Stream Program with Composting

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February 14, 2024

3 Benefits of Adopting a Multi-Stream Program with Composting

See how adopting a multi-stream program with composting (and choosing the right receptacles) is beneficial to your business, customers and the world.

a side-by-side recycling and compost receptacles, green and blue

More homeowners and businesses are recognizing the value of compost collection. Overall, the global composting market grew to $7.4 billion in 2023 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.4%. Analysts predict this reaching $9.51 billion by 2027. Just as recycling took time to catch on with all consumers, composting will too. But becoming an early adopter has its benefits. See how adopting a multi-stream program with composting is beneficial to your business, customers and the world.

The environment loves it

Collecting compost reduces the volume of organic materials sent to landfills. Those organics can be turned into desirable composted soil, which can be sold to farms, landscapers and consumers to grow more food. When sent to the landfill, food items tend to generate more methane gas, which adds to ongoing climate change. By separating compost and ensuring it is collected by the proper companies, your business can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce the need for environmentally harmful fertilizers, conserve water and improve soil health.

Composting works so well at diverting waste that some states are starting to mandate it for certain businesses. Our research found 38% of states mandate the separation of organics to some degree and 28% encourage composting but don’t require it just yet.

Your customers love it

Customers, especially younger generations, view corporate responsibility as a necessity. Adding compost receptacles to your business not only offers a point of differentiation, but also directly communicates a commitment to sustainable business practices. Research shows 55% of customers are even willing to spend more for a product or service if they know it is eco-friendly (and boycott less-green companies).

The right receptacles can clearly communicate the different streams of a multi-stream waste, recycling and compost set up. PolyTec™ Series by Commercial Zone® is available in a variety of colors and with optional decals that communicate different streams and your commitment to sustainability.

Your bottom line loves it

Everything is getting more expensive, including utilities. Businesses that produce large amounts of food waste—like convenience stores, quick-service restaurants and campus dining halls—can reduce the frequency of landfill waste collection by adding compost. One compost company witnessed 50% of its customers reducing their trash receptacle size and/or frequency of landfill pick-ups after adding compost collection.

Adding compost can also earn your business more points toward LEED credits. By becoming LEED certified, your business can save on utility costs while further communicating the importance of sustainability to your customers and employees.

The right compost receptacles make it easy to add composting to your business. PolyTec™ Series can be easily configured into an indoor or outdoor multi-stream program. Their modular design ensures they can nest side-by-side within a smaller footprint. PolyTec receptacles are easy to clean, durable, and leak-resistant. Start composting today with Commercial Zone.