5 Easy Steps to Start Composting at Your Business

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May 15, 2024

5 Easy Steps to Start Composting at Your Business

Explore effective strategies for waste management and reduction to learn how to start composting at your business in just five easy steps.

multi-stream waste, recycling and compost receptacles at a gas station

Implementing a composting program for your business can reduce waste, lower your environmental impact and even cut down on waste management costs. Despite the benefits of composting, however, many businesses hesitate due to concerns about setting up and maintaining composting systems. Here’s how to overcome those challenges and get started in five easy steps.

Step 1: Conduct a Waste Audit

Setting the groundwork for a composting at work program begins with a waste audit to help you determine the amount and types of waste your business produces. This audit will help you assess the volume of compostable materials your business generates, which is crucial for planning an effective composting strategy. For a detailed guide on conducting a successful waste audit, click here.

Step 2: Identify Compostable Materials

Not all waste is compostable. Typical compostable materials include food scraps, paper towels, and certain biodegradable products. Segregating compostable waste from non-compostable materials is vital. Educate your team about which materials can be composted and consider placing educational decals on compost bins to remind customers what goes where.

Step 3: Choose a Composting Partner

Partner with a local composting service to ensure composted waste is handled correctly. These partners can provide regular pick-up services and help manage the composting process off-site. This process involves mixing different types of compostable materials “greens” and “browns” to speed up the composting process and make nutrient-dense soil for those who need it.

Step 4: Select Appropriate Receptacles

Investing in the right receptacles is crucial for a successful office composting program. Commercial Zone® offers a range of composting solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of any business. From single-stream compost receptacles to multi-stream programs that allow for waste, recycling and composting separation, you can find the ideal fit for your space. Our PolyTec™ Series 42-gallon receptacles are ideal for composting and are available in different colors to communicate waste streams, have a leak-resistant design and are made using durable, sustainable polyethylene. Commercial Zone can also provide personalized products to meet your businesses’ specific composting needs.

Step 5: Implement and Educate

Once your receptacles are in place, roll out the program across your organization. It’s essential to keep everyone informed and educated about the benefits and procedures of composting. Regular training sessions, reminders and instructional posters can help maintain compliance and enthusiasm for the program. Monitor the progress of your composting efforts by performing regular waste audits and make adjustments as needed. Optimizations might involve changing the frequency of waste pickup, altering the locations or number of receptacles or updating educational materials to increase compliance rates.

By following these five steps, your business can effectively implement a composting program that not only supports the environment but also promotes a culture of sustainability among your staff and customers. Interested in deepening your understanding of composting? Download our free whitepaper, “Composting Helps Convert Trash into Foot Traffic,” which details composting benefits and strategies in further depth.