4 Essential Commercial Outdoor Site Furnishings for Any Space

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June 12, 2024

4 Essential Commercial Outdoor Site Furnishings for Any Space

Discover essential site furnishings for any outdoor space: trash receptacles, benches, smokers’ outposts, and planters.

Commercial Outdoor Site Furnishings at a business

Creating a functional and inviting outdoor space involves more than just landscaping. It requires selecting the right commercial outdoor site furnishings that enhance both the aesthetics and the usability of the area. From city parks to office courtyards, incorporating essential elements like trash receptacles, benches, Smokers’ Outposts and planters can significantly impact how these spaces are perceived and used.

Let’s explore how each of these components contributes to making outdoor environments more pleasant and practical.

Durable, Easy-to-Clean Receptacles

Effective waste management is crucial in maintaining the cleanliness and environmental responsibility of any outdoor space. Commercial Zone® offers a comprehensive range of waste solutions, including trash, recycling, and compost receptacles that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Multi-stream solutions, for instance, are designed to encourage proper waste separation, which is essential for contamination-free recycling and composting efforts. Many receptacles can be customized with your business’ logo or messaging to reinforce your unique brand and commitment to sustainability.

Stylish, Convenient Benches

Benches provide a place for relaxation, social interaction and appreciation of nature. From the contemporary chrome finish of the Precision Series® to the angular lines of the ModTec™ Series, Commercial Zone benches offer durability and comfort without compromising style. Benches can be coordinated with other site furnishings to create a cohesive look, enhancing the visual appeal and comfort of public spaces, entryways or walkways.

Safe, Easy-to-Use Smokers’ Outposts

Despite the national decline in smoking rates, cigarettes are still the most littered item in the world, with billions littered each year. Smoker’s Outpost by Commercial Zone provides a tidy solution for cigarette disposal, helping to keep grounds clean and free of cigarette butts. Offering a wide range of shapes and sizes, Smoker’s Outpost comes in freestanding or mounted units for easy and convenient use. Models like the Smoker’s Outpost Site Saver features a compact and streamlined design perfect for small spaces and entryways. For areas requiring a more robust solution, the Smoker’s Outpost Standard features a durable construction made from recycled polyethylene that withstands the elements without rusting, denting, or chipping. Smoker’ Outpost uses an innovative, oxygen-restricting design to quickly extinguish cigarettes without messy sand or water required.

Simple, Attractive Planters

Planters add a touch of nature to urban environments, making spaces more welcoming while also offering other benefits like improved air quality and reduced urban heat. Commercial Zone planters come in various designs that can complement any outdoor furniture setup. They provide a robust housing for plants and trees, which can be used to create natural barriers or enhance privacy and aesthetics in any area. ModTec™ Series planters are made of polyethylene, providing long-term durability without fading, chipping or denting, keeping spaces attractive without the hassle of maintenance and upkeep.

Integrating these four essential site furnishings into any outdoor space can drastically improve its functionality, aesthetic appeal and brand affinity. Some site furnishings can even be personalized, allowing for the addition of your logo, specific colors or unique designs that reflect your brand or community identity. For more details on customization options and to view their product range, visit Commercial Zone Custom Solutions.