COVID Has Forever Changed Hotel Business

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October 30, 2020

COVID Has Forever Changed Hotel Business

One thing is certain in a year of unknowns, COVID-19 has forever reshaped the hospitality industry. The biggest focus as hotels are starting to reopen is the health and wellness of their occupants with an emphasis on social distancing and safer touches. Making their occupants feel comfortable as they reenter hotels is a top priority for chains. To ensure that customers feel safe, it's crucial to have multiple PPE options placed throughout the hotel.

It’s been said that nothing is certain in 2020 and the period of COVID-19. But while conventional wisdom agrees with that statement, there actually is something that is a virtual certainty: public-facing businesses will be taking new approaches to protect customers from the spread of disease far beyond the end of this current threat.

Similar to how the events of 9/11 forever changed procedures and security at the airport, the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 will have long-lasting effects on businesses and consumer behavior. Those changes might be most evident at hotels and motels, which are eager to get back to “normal” after seeing occupancy rates plummet following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Contactless check-in, keyless room entry, social distancing and an abundance of clean-related items like hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes are just of few of the innovations that are destined to remain in place long after coronavirus has passed.

The New York Times reports that hotel business is returning, but the high point in occupancy is still down 50 percent from the previous year. There’s a long way to go.

“The biggest thing right now is this focus on health and wellness and making sure people feel safe and confident going back into hotels,” the Times quotes Tom Ito, hospitality leader and a principal at Gensler, a global architecture firm. “Anything that assures that now and in the long term is here to stay.”

Even prior to the pandemic, many hotels were already implementing automated procedures for check-in and check-out with keyless guest-room entry via cellphone. Those innovations are well timed in light of the pandemic, and fit in well with the emphasis on social distancing and safe touches with public surfaces.

To that end, customers entering hotel lobbies routinely look for the hand sanitizer dispenser before conducting their business. Approaching elevators, there’s sometimes anxiety and fumbling when it comes to pressing the floor buttons. Even once arriving at their room, some guests experience apprehension when grasping the door handle.

Commercial Zone has a simple and effective solution to sanitation challenges: the Precision Series® waste container with wipe dispenser.

This sleek and stylish unit combines an attractive and functional waste receptacle with an integrated sanitary wipes dispenser. This is the ideal unit to place near elevators, public restrooms and common dining areas.

“Sanitary wipes have multiple beneficial functions in a hotel,” said Joe Crum, Director of Marketing and eCommerce for Commercial Zone. “They can be used to press elevator buttons, wipe down a shared pen, sanitize a door handle and many other things once you’ve entered the room.”

Crum noted that placing the attractive yet heavy-duty Precision Series® receptacle “gives guests an added sense of security” and helps them to relax more easily.

The large, front-mounted opening on the waste container provides convenient trash disposal and includes a galvanized 10-gallon liner equipped with handles for easy trash removal.

Sanitary wipes, which are dispensed from the top of the unit one at a time, are stored out of sight within the unit, which includes a rear lock for security.

To learn more about the Precision Series® waste container with wipe dispenser or any other Clean Solutions products, contact us or call 800-782-7273.