Greenery Enhances the Experience

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July 20, 2020

Greenery Enhances the Experience

"Going Green" doesn't always refer to the Earth. Green is a stimulating color that represents nature, growth, energy, and a general sense of newness. For businesses, the addition of having a touch of nature around their property can be beneficial to everyone. Office plants can provide people with a boost in mood, a reduction of stress level, and provide a welcoming environment.

There’s a reason people generally respond positively to “going green.” And it’s not only about the Earth.

Green is a stimulating color that represents nature, growth, energy, and a general sense of newness. It’s what makes a healthy plant look so, well, healthy.

Live plants are considered to be healthiest when they’re a green hue and their presence revitalizes our surroundings. Whether it’s in the backyard or a place of business, using plants as supplemental pieces of decor breathes life into those spaces.

Benefits and necessities

For businesses, the effects of having a touch of nature in the office are often beneficial, in some capacity, to everyone. Offices with plants actually provide people with a boost in mood, general health, and a reduction of stress for both employees and customers. In fact, according to researchers with the American Society for Horticultural Science, plants in the workplace reduced the resting heart rate of employees by 27% and dropped anxiety test scores significantly. But, plants can’t just grow where they want in an office – they need the reliability of stable planters.

While commercial planters aren’t typically a focus of decor for a facility, they are crucial. And when it comes to making an impression, every detail matters.

What the details say about you

Enhancing a customer’s experience starts the minute they get to the door. Investing in planters makes a space look sophisticated and helps create an environment that customers will remember. If you’re going to put time into revamping your space with the selection of new furnishings, remember plants and planters, which should go hand-in-hand to keep your style consistent.

Your facility decor isn’t just restricted to inside the building. How you decorate the outside of your building makes a difference as well. That’s why Commercial Zone offers planters that not only fit a variety of styles, but are also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Let’s jump into a few.

Consider the options

If you’re going for a modern design, the ModTec™ planter is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. It’s available small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate several plant dimensions. The distinguished look of ModTec Series planters combined with their durable polyethylene construction make for an impressive look that stands up against the elements.

A traditional feel is accented with the StoneTec™ planter. StoneTec provides an eye-catching option for indoor or outdoor settings, featuring simulated stone constructed of polymer concrete that’s reinforced with fiberglass. It’s built to be weather-resistant and its exterior can be cleaned using soap and water. All of this makes the StoneTec planter a reliable choice while keeping in mind the focus of your décor.

Parkview planters feature a contemporary look that exemplifies 21st-century design. The silver and black colored planter helps bring the flow of its environment together. Uniting a stainless steel build and powdercoating allows it to withstand any potential harsh weather conditions while heightening the aesthetics of its surroundings.

The Commercial Zone ModTec™ series planter raises eyebrows as it’s about as close as you can get to a natural look in an office setting. While it has the appearance of natural wood, the Elmwood planter is made of polyethylene and coated with a stain that creates a beautiful wood grain look.

Leave a lasting impression

We know that green is a color, but it’s also a concept as it also refers to environmental initiatives. That’s why at Commercial Zone we’re doing our part in helping conserve resources by making all of our planters 100% recyclable once they’re done being used.

Each piece of office furnishing helps tell the story of who you are and the culture of your business. Finding the right planter is as important as finding the right plant. Remember, you can’t leave a second first impression.