Introducing the EarthCraft™ Series

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September 9, 2020

Introducing the EarthCraft™ Series

The all-new, fully customizable EarthCraft™ series is built with UV-resistant recycled plastic material that will enable you to meet your LEED and sustainability goals. The attractive, upscale design of this modular system provides the look and function you want, without sacrificing on quality or performance.

When purchasing goods, picking them off the rack or right off the shelf is convenient. But those items are made for the masses, missing any personal touch. Imagine the feeling you get when you slide on a perfectly tailored suit. Or how the atmosphere peacefully settles after adding a custom piece of art that seamlessly blends in with your home decor. Everything just feels right.

Just like people, every business, facility and customer base are unique. That’s why Commercial Zone has developed the EarthCraft™ series, a fully customizable waste and recycling management center with a modular design that gives you the ability to configure components to meet the needs of your facility and customers.

EarthCraft™ SeriesRugged and durable, the EarthCraft Series is constructed with UV-resistant recycled plastic material, which also enables you to meet your LEED and sustainability goals. The attractive, upscale design of these modular systems provide the look and function you want, without sacrificing on quality or performance. Customization options include a choice of waste or recyclers, colors, roof styles and opening shapes.

Customizable for Any Facility

The EarthCraft™ series boasts several key product features that give customers complete control over the configuration of their systems. Features include:

  • Made with a durable UV-resistant, recycled plastic material construction
  • Customizable to each brand with a variety of designs and colors
  • Sleek, upscale design to improve the look of any site and reflect any brand
  • Units are available in single- or dual-stream and are perfect for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Opening shape options include square/ rectangular or circular to accommodate both trash and recycling
  • Large capacity units with side-load (32-gal.) or top-load (42-gal.) options
  • Backed by a 3-year, risk-free warranty
  • Made in USA

Attractive, Smart Design

The stylish, sleek appearance of the EarthCraft™ series improves the look of any facility while amplifying the brand. Match or complement brand colors to create a cohesive image.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

The EarthCraft™ series units arrive fully assembled and ready to use right away. The liners are quickly and easily removed and replaced. The smooth surface makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Built to Last

The UV-inhibiting pigment helps the EarthCraft™ series stand up to direct sunlight and reduces fading over time, protecting the investment. Each unit is constructed from eco-friendly, recycled material, making the EarthCraft™ series also a good investment for the planet.

Made in the USA

These waste management centers are made right here in the USA, which means you can have confidence in manufacturing and expect shorter lead times.

Ready to Get Started?

To learn more about the EarthCraft™ series or to request a quote, call Commercial Zone at 800-782-7273 or view our EarthCraft™ configurator.