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Product Series
Implementing a visually appealing environment creates a positive reflection of your business. We understand the importance of blending functionality with style to deliver outstanding value that meets your needs. Discover the advantage of ordering a Commercial Zone product.
Product Series
Classico™ Smokers' Outpost®
Metal Cigarette Receptacle
Leafview® Cigarette Receptacle
Stainless Steel
Smokers’ Outpost® Standard
The Original Cigarette Receptacle
Site Saver
Smokers’ Outpost Site Saver®
Snap-lock Cigarette Receptacle
Smoke Stand
Smokers' Outpost® Smoke Stand
Smokers' Post Cigarette Receptacle
Smokers' Outpost Seated
Smokers' Outpost® Seated
Patio Cigarette Receptacle
Wall-Mounted Swivel Lock
 Wall-Mounted Swivel System
Secured Wall-Mounted Cigarette Receptacle
Patio with Table
Smokers' Outpost® Patio w/ Table
Cigarette receptacle for patios or decks
Site Saver Combo Pack
Site Saver®  Combo Pack
 Ashtray and 30-Gallon Hex Waste Container
Wall-Mounted Smokers' Outpost®
Wall Mounted Cigarette Receptacle