Think Outside for Better Results

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January 27, 2020

Think Outside for Better Results

It's widely known among building managers and business owners that the appearance and cleanliness of a facility directly impacts consumer spending within it. That's why so much time, energy and financial resources are poured into making sure aisles are clean, lobbies are tidy and restrooms sparkle.

The most successful retail centers, c-stores, fuel stations, hotels, and medical facilities apply that same care and attention to the areas immediately outside their front doors, where good first impressions put consumers in a “buying” state of mind. They know that conditions outside can drive consumer decisions on how much business they’ll do inside.

That’s why it’s important to think of your trash receptacles out front as more than simply utilitarian expenses. Great-looking and functional containers work with your recycling bins, smoker stands and planters to create a tidy, warm and inviting environment outside that help consumers form a positive feeling about what they’ll find inside. In essence, trash receptacles can actually be an extension of your sales staff.

Today’s commercial trash receptacles are more attractive and user-friendly for both consumers and the staff maintaining them. Their contemporary designs allow them to integrate into a facility’s appearance and truly become a part of the overall environment. “The new container designs blend in seamlessly to the building design and similar to a piece of art can actually enhance decor,” said Sandi Dzirbik, director of sales for Commercial Zone. “That might sound crazy, but it’s true.”

Dzirbik cites a recent study, which showed that 45% of consumers judge the inside of business by what they see outside. “A consumer may think to themselves ‘If they don’t maintain the outside, how well do they manage the stock inside?” Dzirbik said. “When the front of the building is neat, it makes a statement that the business cares about cleanliness and puts its guests in a proper frame of mind.”

Exterior trash containers play a key role in that. “Think about the times you’ve come up to a dirty metal can with ketchup all over the flipper door,” Dzirbik said. “You’re not going to put your trash inside. You’re going to put it on top.” A business providing attractive, well-maintained receptacles is making a statement that it cares about its customers.

According to Dzirbik, the special stone finishes, custom colors and laser etching, which are all now a part of Commercial Zone waste receptacle offerings, can actually strengthen a brand’s identity. “We’re starting to see a shift in thinking, with more and more building managers and business owners paying special attention to the front of the building.”

Commercial Zone offers a full line of stylish, durable and functional trash receptacles that can seamlessly fit into the decor of any business. Commercial Zone offers features such as innovative snap-lid closures and a unique patented Grab Bag™ system to secure trash bags in place for a cleaner appearance. Available high-density polyethylene construction makes cleaning easy and is graffiti-proof. Special UV inhibitors prevent fading.

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