A Fresh Look at Recycling – Both Back & Forward

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September 1, 2021

A Fresh Look at Recycling – Both Back & Forward

The 1970s introduced us to Darth Vader, Saturday morning cartoons, tube socks, Charlie’s Angels, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That decade is also credited with ushering in America’s recycling initiatives.


As second-nature as recycling seems to most, it’s hard to imagine that it’s only been a part of the culture for about 50 years. At one time there were no blue recycling bins, no sorting plastic from aluminum, and no “make sure to take the recycling out in the morning on your way to school” plea from parents.

Sparked in part from the political and social turmoil of the 60s, people soon turned their attention to the growing litter problem and the quickly filling landfills. Through this “awakening,” many developed a personal connection to the environment, and in response many American cities promptly implemented curbside recycling.

Fast-forward to the 3rd decade of the new millennium, and there is a new and heightened understanding of the critical role that recycling plays in the preservation of resources and precious landfill space. So, what then does the future hold in our journey to become better recyclers? How will we continue to do it?

In general, the United States has come a long way in the efforts to recycle efficiently. When recycling was considered a radical concept in the 60s, only about 7% of waste was recycled. rec

Moving from 7% to 30% is significant. It also signifies that there’s a long way to go.

There are many reasons people cite for not recycling. According to a survey conducted by Covanta, lack of time, “laziness”, and not enough information are all factors.

But topping the list, 39% of Americans say they don’t recycle because they don’t have convenient access to recycling containers. Think about your business. Do you make it easy for your customers, staff, and passersby to make educated and easy recycling choices?

This is where business owners can step up and do their part.

Clearly marked and correctly placed recycling receptacles encourage recycling of empty bottles, aluminum cans, and other recyclable trash, and help keep the area around your business or office free from trash. Placing these receptacles in convenient locations also makes a statement to your customers that you’re conscientious and are making it easier for them to do the right thing with their recyclable trash.

Commercial Zone is a single source supplier that helps thousands of U.S. businesses get their recycling programs in order. Rugged and versatile polyethylene recycling containers, stylish models built from stainless steel or simulated stone, even recycling containers with the look of real wood, are all ready to ship.

With one call to 800-782-7273, a Commercial Zone representative can quickly and easily help walk you through the process of selecting and ordering the right recycling systems.

Consumers today are altering their shopping habits and shifting their focus to more eco-friendly organizations, with nearly two-thirds of North Americans preferring environmentally conscious brands. Make a bold statement with your recycling centers, one that encourages, educates and appeals to consumers who want to make a difference.