Back in the Workplace: Office Spaces

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May 27, 2021

Back in the Workplace: Office Spaces

The word “hybrid” has been used to describe things like golf clubs, seeds for crops and cars. Now, with vaccination programs in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world in place, the word “hybrid” has been added to the office space. The hybrid office now defines the work model for many organizations. While the pandemic has forced many professionals to experiment with remote work for a temporary season, many companies have decided to make “work anywhere” a permanent option, allowing their employees to work from anywhere.

Office Space

Research suggests that flexible work is the future of work. Some benefits from the remote work culture, such as measuring success based on output rather than presence, are gaining popularity. As both employers and employees see value in moving outside the bounds of the traditional 9-to-5 schedule, we will see the rise of flexible work arrangements even for office-based employees.

“The remote work trend was well established prior to COVID-19, but the pandemic has accelerated this shift and organizations need to embrace the new hybrid model that will result from it,” said Michael Wacey, director of digital architecture at Capgemini Invent. “The vast majority of employees will be remote sometimes and on-site the rest of the time. Just as organizations adapted to remote work, they will adapt and shift to this new model.”

But while working remotely offers workers several benefits and helps them achieve a better work-life balance, there remains a desire for many to return to the physical office.

According to recent Randstad Workmonitor research, 78% of workers say they want to go back to the workplace at least partially, if not full time. However, the workplace as we used to know it is forever changed, and things will look different as more companies begin to open their office spaces up again.

Planning for Physical Change

For those offices that will be reopening, it is also clear that the physical workplace itself will change.

Several companies are already planning to shift to flexible workspaces after positive experiences with remote work during the pandemic, a move that will reduce the overall space they need and bring fewer workers into offices each day. A survey by McKinsey found that, on average, businesses plan to reduce office space by 30%.

Organizations that choose to return to the workplace should provide employees with an assurance of safety. By implementing special air filters, disinfection procedures or a workplace distancing policy, you can help give workers peace of mind as they head back to the office.

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