Clean Things Up With PolyTec™

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September 9, 2021

Clean Things Up With PolyTec™

Let’s be honest. Most business owners and facility managers don’t give a lot of thought to their waste container. Yes, they’re diligent about emptying them when they are full, but once the new bag and lid are in place, it’s onto something else until the next time the container is full.

Believe it or not, your waste and recycling containers say much more than “TRASH” or “RECYCLE”. They actually make a statement to your customers that you care about clean. And attractive containers take it even a step further – they tell your customers that you care about THEM.

You see the popular PolyTec™ Series waste and recycling containers from Commercial Zone wherever your travel. And for good reason. These rugged and practical containers are built for easy care and are designed to look great.

They also have a secret: the 42-gallon square PolyTec waste and recycling containers can be “dressed up” with stone or decorative stainless steel side panels to deliver the stunning look of a custom unit.

“PolyTec waste containers are beautiful in their simplicity, and that’s one of the things that makes them so popular with all types of operations, from c-stores to educational institutions to retail and office buildings,” said Joe Crum, Commercial Zone’s Director of Marketing and eCommerce. “But what’s really exciting about the PolyTec line is that with just a few simple touches, a standard unit can be made to present a custom look that really impresses.”

Crum is referring to stone panels that can be added to all four sides of the base to give a rich look your customers will appreciate. Available in 5 colors, these real stone panels are a perfect complement to the deep and lasting color of the recycled polyethylene base, which is resistant to harsh weather, UV rays and graffiti.

If not stone, then how about stainless steel? PolyTec Series also offers a selection of four patterns etched into contrasting stainless steel panels that can be added to the container base. For those favoring a natural theme, panels featuring artistic presentations of reeds or cattails are available. Many looking for a unique appearance choose either the “Intermingle” or “Horizontal Lines,” creative designs that will blend in with most décors.

“Adding stone or stainless steel panels to the functional PolyTec Series gives them a function beyond simply collecting trash and recyclables,” Crum said. “These units bring a richness to the décor that simply poly units cannot match. And people really notice.”

PolyTec containers are available in seven colors and can be configured with one of three lid options: classic dome, open top or a dome with ashtray.

“We truly believe that the way your facility looks reflects what you value and how much you care about your customers,” Crum said. “Great-looking and well-functioning waste containers help keep things neat, of course, but they also help build customer trust in your operation.”

Getting started with PolyTec is just about as easy as using them. Commercial Zone customer service reps are available at 800-782-7273 to answer your questions and discuss the options available for fast delivery. You can also see the complete PolyTec Series and the full line of stock options available to you at