Cold Weather Checklist for C-Stores

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November 5, 2020

Cold Weather Checklist for C-Stores

Convenience stores play a key role for many by being a one-stop-shop for essentials during the long winter months ahead, it's important to plan ahead and prepare for what's to come with this helpful checklist.

As the year that brought about many uncertainties comes to its final months, we know one thing that is certain and coming soon to many regions – freezing temperatures and winter storms. And while convenience stores play a key role for many by being a one-stop-shop for all their essentials during the long winter months, it’s important to plan ahead and prepare for the cold weather now with this helpful checklist.

Watch the weather.

Make sure your c-store is prepared. Don’t get caught off guard – watch the weather for any imminent winter storms or below zero-degree days. Consumers often purchase supplies before a big storm hits, so make sure that your c-store has everything it needs in preparation for any surges in sales.

Stock up.

As the winter weather rolls in, it is important for c-stores to have all the essentials on hand for their customers. Winter storms and icy roads cause people to want to get their essentials quickly and conveniently. Grocery essentials like dairy and frozen food are important to have in stock, especially when people may not be able to get to their local grocer.

Clean up.

Keeping the inside and outside of your c-store clean keeps customers happy. In the winter months, salt and snow easily gets tracked inside the store. Make sure floors and rugs are being cleaned frequently to keep customers coming back.

The outside of the store is just as important. Avoid making customers try to wedge their waste into an overstuffed waste container in freezing cold temps. Emptying waste containers and recyclers outside of the c-store need to be done regularly throughout the winter months.

Don’t overlook the importance of a good waste container. Commercial Zone’s PolyTec™ series is manufactured from recycled polyethylene that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The lid snaps in place to keep waste in the can, where it belongs, rather than all over the parking lot. The innovative Grab Bag system makes it quick and easy for staff to change the liners – getting them out of the cold faster.

Reduce cigarette waste.

Keep cigarette waste to a minimum and make it convenient for patrons to properly dispose of cigarettes with the Smoker’s Outpost. These cigarette receptacles can withstand freezing temps and extinguish cigarettes in seconds.

Wipe away salt.

Freezing temps and icy roads call for salted roads and consequentially, salted windshields. For c-stores with gas pumps, having windshield service centers are an essential for winter months. Commercial Zone offers a variety of windshield service centers in several designs – some even double as waste containers and are available with towel dispensers, glove dispensers and soap dispensers.

Having the proper windshield service center is necessary but keeping them filled with a non-freezing windshield cleaner is key. Make sure that they are being checked and filled every day to keep customers satisfied and to encourage inside sales.

Winter weather can be a hassle but preparing for it doesn’t have to be. Follow these five easy steps to prepare your c-store for the coming cold temps.