C-Store Shopper Insights

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May 4, 2021

C-Store Shopper Insights

As communities and states enter new stages of reopening post-pandemic, more drivers will be on the roads, whether commuting to work or visiting reopened businesses. That presents opportunities for convenience stores. But what will entice them to come to your store as travel picks up? Cleanliness and convenience is what will bring customers into your store as they begin traveling again.

Keep it Clean

When it comes to choosing a c-store, cleanliness goes a long way. A clean and organized appearance is vital to increase the chances of customers choosing your business.

Convenience stores were quick to address protective measures with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 99% of NACS retailer members said they enhanced their cleaning procedures to as often as every 30 minutes for high-touch surfaces. And these heightened hygiene standards aren’t changing anytime soon. Convenience stores lacking in this area risk losing customer loyalty and sales. 84% of customers who stop for a fill-up at stores with pumps say store cleanliness is a factor for going inside for an additional purchase.

What’s more, having access to hand sanitizers or disinfecting wipes in-store and at the fuel pump was rated as the top priority for enhanced safety procedures at c-stores, according to the NACS Consumer Survey. An ideal solution would be providing wipes and hand sanitizer in high-traffic areas like gas pumps and entrances.

Commercial Zone has that covered with the PolyTec™ Clean Station, a durable waste container equipped with dispensers for hand sanitizer, gloves and antibacterial wipes to encourage proper hygiene and give your customers peace of mind. Tough enough to handle large amounts of trash, the PolyTec Clean Station can help keep your business clean both indoors and out. And, because they’re made from long-lasting recycled polyethylene, these waste receptacles are easy to maintain and clean, saving you time and hassle.

Strive for Convenience

If we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that consumers want convenience. The typical focused c-store shopper is in and out in under four minutes. C-stores can play an important role in saving shoppers time. In the few minutes spent at your place of business, an impression is being made on the shopper. Make your store stand out by offering little conveniences that make a big difference.

A great place to start is with the site furnishings. For c-stores with fuel, it’s essential to have plenty of waste receptacles near the pumps for customers to get rid of their vehicle trash. Don’t forget about windshield service centers – drivers often rely on these to quickly clean their windows and mirrors.

The Aruba Waste and Windshield Center from Commercial Zone pairs two full-service windshield cleaning kits with a large 42-gallon waste container to service both sides of the pump island – promoting both cleanliness and convenience. And with the Clean Station dome lid, this waste container also features dispensers for hand sanitizer and gloves.

Make your business thrive this year by implementing simple solutions – like site improved furnishings – that focus on cleanliness and convenience while also driving sales and customer loyalty.

For more information on Commercial Zone windshield service center and waste receptacle solutions, visit CommercialZone.com or call 1-800-872-7273.