Earthcraft™ is a Win-Win For Litter & the Environment

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October 18, 2021

Earthcraft™ is a Win-Win For Litter & the Environment

It’s not every day that you hear someone make a claim that trash and recycling containers are a “win-win” for the environment and for business. But that is just what the EarthCraft™ Series with Light Oak & Aluminum from Commercial Zone is – a win-win.

EarthCraft Light Oak & Aluminum

Stylish and functional EarthCraft Series with Light Oak & Aluminum trash and recycling containers are designed and built to help beautify spaces while helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals. That’s because these units are built using LEED certified, UV-resistant recycled plastic lumber, which means that they’re just as good at keeping plastic out of landfills as they are at keeping litter off the ground.

“At Commercial Zone we’re committed to helping preserve the Earth’s resources and to do what we can to protect it from waste-related pollution,” said Joe Crum, Commercial Zone’s Director of Marketing and eCommerce. “By using recycled plastic lumber in our EarthCraft Series, we’ve taken a big step toward helping reduce the plastics taken to landfills.

“We take pride in the fact that the discarded recyclable material may actually be repurposed as lumber to build new EarthCraft units.”

These units are designed to be as attractive as they are functional, with the look of real wood combining with a gunmetal steel finish to provide a luxurious appearance that enhances any décor.

Crum noted that the functionality of EarthCraft units also helps operations reduce the volume of litter in and around their facilities. And to most people in America, that’s a big deal. In fact, the organization Keep America Beautiful reports that 90% of people in the U.S. feel that litter is a problem in their states.

Using information gathered from its study, Keep America Beautiful experts estimate that litter could be eliminated “if littering were to stop today and waste was properly managed.”

“Behavior change is at the root of Keep America Beautiful,” Helen Lowman, Keep America Beautiful President and CEO, said in a statement. “With the unity of Americans to pick up 152 pieces of litter – and ultimately, to stop littering – we can ensure that everyone lives in a clean and litter-free community.”

Functional and well-placed trash and recycling containers can help in the efforts to reduce the amount of waste left on sidewalks, park lawns and in common areas. Many businesses, public facilities, sports venues and parks find that the wood look of these EarthCraft Series trash and recycling containers enhance their brands and spaces more than standard waste containers.

These attractive units can be customized in color and configuration – with up to 30 lumber colors and both single- and dual-stream options available.

“The beauty of EarthCraft Series is that each unit can be designed by the individual to match their space,” Crum said. “Those who choose this series are making a statement that they care about their patrons and that they also care about preserving resources and precious landfill space.”

Crum added that the steel and plastic lumber used in EarthCraft trash and recycling containers, which are made in the USA, is also 100% recyclable after use.

“EarthCraft units are stylish, but they’re also built to last,” Crum said. “The recycled plastic lumber won’t fade, chip or dent. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to empty.”

It’s also easy to get started on customizing an EarthCraft trash and recycling container for any facility. Contact Commercial Zone today at 800-782-7273 to talk with a product consultant or visit and learn more about the available EarthCraft options. Also see the full line of stock trash and recycling receptacles available for immediate delivery.