Help Slow the Spread With Clean Solutions

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September 22, 2020

Help Slow the Spread With Clean Solutions

Help slow the spread of COVID-19 with the latest clean solutions from Commercial Zone. Our clean solutions product line offers multiple PPE options for your business space and customers, letting them know you value their health and safety.

It’s safe to say the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened awareness of the need to practice exceptional personal hygiene. Thankfully, most have done a good job following suggested precautions, which has helped slow the spread of the coronavirus. Key to good hygiene in the retail environment is placing tools like liquid hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes within reach in customer traffic patterns.

Doing our part

To help keep people safer from potential exposure and create safer touches for customers, Commercial Zone is rolling out its new Clean Solutions product line. Clean Solutions is designed to seamlessly put sanitation stations and devices at the customers’ disposal in places like gas pumps, store entryways, offices, and lobbies. The goal is to create an environment in which people can feel safer – especially in public and other high-traffic areas.

Clean Solutions adds dispensers for hand sanitizers, hygienic wipes and disposable gloves to the best-selling Commercial Zone waste containers, recycling containers and windshield service centers.

Clean Station lids – with dispensers for each of the sanitizing components – are also available and can be integrated with existing 42-gallon square PolyTec™, StoneTec® and Islander™ series waste containers.

Keeping public spaces safe

“Being out in public these days can be stressful for people who aren’t able to sanitize their hands properly,” said Joe Crum, Commercial Zone’s Director of Marketing and eCommerce. “The Clean Solutions product line is designed to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, which is especially important as we’re about to enter the cold and flu season.”

When out and about, people don’t always have the chance to use standard soap and water for handwashing. Customers using Clean Solution products experience “safer touches” in places where people congregate. Making sanitizers, wipes and dispensable gloves accessible gives customers the peace of mind their exposure to germs is metaphorically – and quite literally – being wiped away.

“Customers appreciate it when businesses go above and beyond to provide a clean environment,” Crum said, noting it isn’t just the customers who value visibly hygienic surroundings. Staff, too, appreciate not having to worry about working in contaminated areas as well.

“When businesses invest in our Clean Solutions waste containers, they’re also investing in the customer experience,” he said. “People want to know a business is doing everything they can to defend them from germ exposure. With Clean Solutions in place in commonly used areas, they’re showing genuine care for customers and staff.”

Many Clean Solutions Options

Crum noted that it’s easy for owners of existing 42-gallon square Commercial Zone waste containers in the PolyTec™, StoneTec® and Islander™ series to convert those units to clean stations by simply adding a Clean Solutions replacement lid. Those replacement lids each include the dispensers for liquid sanitizer, wipes and gloves.

Other Commercial Zone products are also now available with Clean Solutions options:

  • Select Aruba models in the Islander™ Series waste and windshield service centers, which are designed to provide service to both sides of the pump island, have been equipped with two sets of built-in dispensers for hand sanitizers and gas gloves.
  • Stainless steel Precision Series® waste containers feature a sanitizing wipes dispenser integrated into its graceful top to provide a stylish and sleek look along with extra protection.

We know this hasn’t been easy for anyone. For businesses, public safety is and will always remain the primary focus when it comes to the customer experience. Adding products from the Commercial Zone Clean Solutions line can help reduce the number of germs with which people come into contact, which makes that extra step worth it.