How To Mix and Match Furnishing for The Right Look

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January 12, 2022

How To Mix and Match Furnishing for The Right Look

Furnishings in each of Commercial Zone’s product lines are created to look great together. But we understand there’s no “one look fits all” solution for most businesses. That’s why we make it easy to mix and match our site furnishings across product lines, too. Your creativity is the limit. Find more pairing ideas here...

Commercial Zone makes it easy to create a cohesive look for your business. Our site furnishings are organized into distinctive product lines, like our upscale and modern ModTec Series or our sleek Precision Series, which celebrates the intrinsic beauty of steel. All furnishings in each series are designed to look great together.

But we also understand that there’s no “one look suits all” solution for most businesses. That’s why so many of our products can be customized with unique colors or branding that can give your business a look of its own, creating a nearly infinite number of combinations to pick from. And if you’re looking for even more customization, you can also mix and match furnishings across our product lines. All it takes is a little creativity – of course, we’re happy help if you need advice or recommendations.

Here are some Commercial Zone product lines that pair beautifully with each other.

PolyTec™ Receptacles and StoneTec® Planters: Made from graffiti-resistant recycled polyethylene, our ultra-durable PolyTec garbage and recycling containers are some of our most popular products. And since they blend so seamlessly into any setting, they also have a way of making surrounding furnishings pop. We think they especially flatter the gorgeous natural-stone planters in our StoneTec Series.

Precision Waste Bins and Parkview Benches: With their gleaming steel contours, our Precision Series waste containers are the definition of both form and function. The steel designs are striking, and thanks to their rust and fire-resistant finishes they’re designed to stay that way for years to come. That entire product line pairs seamlessly with our Parkview Series, which is designed around sleek, vertical steel rails. Consider pairing Precision receptacles with our dapper Parkview benches.

ModTec™ Furnishings and the Smoker’s Outpost®: With their sculpted, high-density polyethylene bodies, our ModTec fixtures look like they’re made from real wood or metal, providing the same durability without chipping, fading or denting. It’s a bold, upscale look, and our customers have found it complements any of our signature Smoker’s Outpost units. We’ve designed these cigarette receptacles to extinguish cigarettes within seconds, without using sand or water.

EarthCraft™ Fixtures and the Precision Bench: One of our most customizable lines, the EarthCraft Series is built with UV-resistant recycled plastic lumber that announces your business’s commitment to sustainability. Bold, horizontal planks give these waste receptacles a proud modern look, which we’ve found works well with the more minimalistic look of our stainless steel Precision benches, which are designed to last for ages, whether they’re used indoors or outdoors.

The options are truly endless. Learn more about our hundreds of unique products at Or call 800-782-7273 to talk with a member of our team of trained experts who can help you integrate them.