Looking Good With the Look of Wood

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December 18, 2020

Looking Good With the Look of Wood

We've reimagined the wooden waste container with our new light oak and aluminum EarthCraft™ products. These units are designed to maintain their wood look and beauty season after season. Made from recycled plastic lumber to meet your LEED and sustainability goals, these containers provide a classic, beautiful look of natural wood and stainless steel making them perfect for any space.

EarthCraft Units

There’s something about the beauty of stained wood. Most know that the richness and quality of wooden site furnishings warms and improves the overall look of nearly all décors.

Those who are responsible for maintaining those wooden surfaces also know that it’s difficult to maintain their appearance, particularly when they’re under heavy use or exposed to the sun and the elements.

Commercial Zone has reimagined the wooden waste container with light oak and aluminum EarthCraft™ products – the newest line of commercial trash cans and recycling containers – which are designed and built to maintain their wood beauty season after season. The secret to the long-lasting wood beauty? There’s actually no wood at all.

Like other products in the EarthCraft™ series, these containers are built in the United States with LEED-approved, high-grade recycled plastic lumber, which is formulated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and deterioration from exposure to the sun. It also looks like real wood.

“Our light oak and aluminum EarthCraft™ containers perfectly blend functionality and high design with the classic look of natural wood,” said Joe Crum, Director of Marketing and eCommerce for Commercial Zone. Crum noted that the plastic lumber used in the low-maintenance containers is made from 100% recycled material. “The plastic lumber not only provides the timeless appearance of real wood, it’s also easy to clean and resists the normal wear and tear that waste containers are subject to.”

While these EarthCraft™ products feature a light oak finish as standard, the plastic lumber is also available in more than 30 color options, which means they can be customized to match virtually any brand or any facility.

The richness of the wood look is enhanced by the gunmetal finish of the steel top and trim. “The combination of the stained wood look with the coated steel gives these containers a luxurious appearance,” Crum said. “Which is actually ironic when you think that their job is to collect waste. But they also do dress up the environment.”

These EarthCraft™ containers feature double-sided coated steel openings in either waste or recycling configurations. There is also a combo waste/recycling option that is equipped with dual openings on both sides of the container.

Each model is equipped with a magnetic hinge on a large service door, which provides fast and easy access to the liner.

To learn more about the complete EarthCraft™ series and the custom color options available from Commercial Zone, contact us online or call at 800-782-7273.