Managing and Reducing Waste in Commercial Buildings

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April 7, 2021

Managing and Reducing Waste in Commercial Buildings

Successful businesses continually seek ways to cut costs and improve operational efficiencies. A significant – yet often overlooked – driver of high building costs is ineffective waste management. Use this list as a guide to improve waste operations, reduce costs and enhance sustainability in your organization.

Benefits of addressing waste

Increasingly, more organizations are paying attention to how much waste they produce. And for a good reason – these proactive businesses are seeing the long list of benefits of establishing a waste-reduction program. Topping the list is that you’ll save money in lower disposal fees. For example, electronics manufacturer Texas Instruments reports that by recycling more than 80% of the non-hazardous solid waste generated by its US operations it reduces the cost of manufacturing resources by about $64 million per year.

In addition to the bottom-line impact, managing waste, water and energy more efficiently are key components of sustainability. Programs that improve sustainability can enhance your corporate image, be attractive to prospective employees and tenants.


Reduce waste – recycle what you can

Commercial building owners and managers find that a great – and easy – way to reduce waste is through recycling.

Recycling programs can help nip waste at its very source. Recycling is a critical waste reduction method that’s often at the core of a building’s waste-reduction machine. Recycling whatever you can saves on landfill space, minimizing your business’s negative impact on the environment.

Putting certain systems and processes in place can help recycling to become a reflexive habit in your commercial buildings. Set up collection bins on each floor and in centrally located areas, clearly marked with a list of what can and can’t be recycled. Make recycling more convenient for employees and customers by pairing waste and recycling containers.

The EarthCraft™ Dual-Stream Waste and Recycling Centers from Commercial Zone offer waste and recycling disposal in one unit, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Effective and durable in both indoor and outdoor spaces, the EarthCraft Dual-Stream not only helps keep your space clean and encourages recycling, but the units themselves are built from recycled plastic lumber, which keeps discarded plastics out of landfills and our waterways.


Reuse – over and over again

Much of the waste created each day – and money spent – could be prevented by reducing reliance on single-use items. Just by conserving office paper through implementing an electronic filing system, Bell South Telecommunications saved $3.5 million. Simple steps you can take today include encouraging your employees or tenants to print on both sides of the paper, use washable mugs and cups for their morning coffee and cut down on throwaway plates and utensils.

Another way to practice reuse in your workplace is by sourcing sustainably made waste and recycling containers. The PolyTec™ Series from Commercial Zone is constructed of recycled polyethylene that won’t rust, dent or chip – eliminating frequent replacement and supporting eco-friendly business practices. This series also features an innovative snap lid closure to keep the lid in place, as well as the patented Grab Bag™ system to secure trash bags for hassle-free maintenance.


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