Simple Solution Speeds Rebranding and Saves Thousands of Dollars

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February 24, 2022

Simple Solution Speeds Rebranding and Saves Thousands of Dollars

North Carolina FC professional soccer team sponsor GFL Environmental enlisted Commercial Zone to replace existing PolyTec™ 42-gallon trash and recycling receptacles at Sahlen’s Stadium at WakeMed Soccer Park. But the Commercial Zone team had an even better solution that saved GFL thousands. See how...

The rebranding required with corporate mergers can be both time and budget-consuming. The cost of replacing signage, equipment, and site furnishings with the brand’s new logo can be high.

When GFL Environmental merged with North Carolina-based Waste Industries, it created a rebranding initiative. Waste Industries had been a major supporter of the North Carolina FC professional soccer team and continued team sponsorship under the new GFL brand. However, there was just one significant issue: the former Waste Industries logo appeared on hundreds of trash and recycling receptacles in and around the team’s 10,000-seat Sahlen’s Stadium at WakeMed Soccer Park, and they needed to be replaced.

GFL approached Commercial Zone regarding the replacement of the stadium’s Commercial Zone PolyTec™ 42-gallon trash and recycling receptacles, which were branded with the Waste Industries logo. But while GFL thought it would be replacing the receptacles, Sales Manager Nick Llanas had a better, faster, and more economical solution for the long-time Commercial Zone customer.

Instead of replacing the PolyTec™ receptacles, Commercial Zone recommended replacing only the side panels with new custom acrylic panels to add a rich look and display the new brand. GFL agreed to the solution, and the panels were replaced on-site at the stadium, which significantly reduced the time to completion. In the end, Commercial Zone was able to save GFL thousands of dollars on the project while also providing new, sophisticated branding for the existing units.

How can this help your business? Whether it’s a new logo, a new sponsor, or a new way to make your property or business stand out, custom panels are a great, cost-effective way to level up your branding.

If your unit has existing panels—stainless steel, stone or custom acrylic—these panels can be replaced with new custom acrylic panels. Existing PolyTec units without panels can also have them added.

GFL Environmental and Sahlen’s Stadium at WakeMed Soccer Park were pleased with the savings provided by working with Commercial Zone and how the team was looking out for their best interest. To learn more about acyclic panel replacement, reach out to the Commercial Zone team here. From there, we can help further evaluate your brand’s specific needs.