Spring Cleaning Checklist for Businesses

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March 29, 2021

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Businesses

Springtime is here: the weather is warming, flowers are blooming and everything is fresh and new. This is also a great time to knock off the dust and get rid of the clutter collected over the past year with some much-needed spring-cleaning. Tidying up may feel like a chore but having a neat and orderly business can set you up for a productive and profitable year.



Decluttering around the office can do your business some good. After all, dusting, vacuuming and tossing out unnecessary items only makes your environment look and feel fresher. Plus, a space that’s decluttered makes for easier disinfecting and sanitizing.

CDC guidelines encourage cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas around businesses. But don’t forget to wipe down overlooked areas – such as windows, air vents and waste containers. Going beyond just cleaning surfaces with soap and water, disinfecting the area with chemical cleaners kills germs on the surface, lowering the risk of spreading infection – and giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Consider easier cleaning with commercial trash cans that offer sanitation products right at the source. Commercial Zone Clean Solutions come equipped with dispensers for gloves, wipes and even hand sanitizer.


Updated site furnishings and a well-designed layout motivate employees and customers alike. Employees need to feel comfortable in their physical work settings to produce their best work and see higher productivity levels. Visual aesthetics can also boost customer emotions and influence buying behavior – while building up brand trust and reliability.

Apply a fresh coat of paint, refresh exterior signage and update your landscaping this spring to make your business have irresistible curb appeal for passersby. Attractive planters and waste receptacles around your business can give new customers the right impression.

The ModTec™ Series of planters and waste containers from Commercial Zone is the ideal balance between appearance and functionality. Instantly liven up your space with the sleek and upscale design of ModTec furnishings. The modern aesthetics of ModTec Series planters and waste containers combined with their durable polyethylene construction makes for an impressive look that stands up against the elements.

For indoor environments, take a look at your current waste and recycling containers. If they need replacement, Commercial Zone offers the sleek Precision Series that combines contemporary stainless-steel design with heavy-duty performance. These waste and recycling containers not only add a modern look to any space, they also provide easy and hassle-free clean-up with the unique Grab Bag™ holder.

“Maintaining a business that has a professional veneer is a good move for anyone, regardless of industry – not just because you want to have a professional face for clients when they come into your office or your shop, but because it motivates employees,” said Dock David Treece, business analyst for FitSmallBusiness.com. “It’s hard to convince employees that they need to act professionally and put on a professional face for clients if every day they’re trudging past holes in the walls or threadbare carpet.”

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