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May 10, 2022

Spring Cleaning: Cut Costs by Offering Recycling and Trash Cans

Help improve your bottom line (and the environment) by providing recycling receptacles at your business. Did you know adding recycling receptacles to your fleet can help your business save on waste expenses? See how.

Recycling helps our environment, our economy, and your business’s bottom line. Unfortunately, research shows the recycling rate remains relatively low at 32%. Your customers do not want to litter. In fact, 85% of Americans strongly believe in recycling. So how can we increase this low rate of recycling? By offering more recycling receptacles.

Learn more about how adding additional recycling receptacles to your fleet can help your business save on waste expenses.


Sorting out bulky recyclables reduces trash pickups

There is nothing worse than wasted space in a commercial trash bag due to an incorrectly disposed of cardboard box. Many recyclable items, from boxes to bottles are bulky, consequently, they can easily clog up trash containers when they are incorrectly disposed of with trash. This wastes resources (trash bags) and forces employees to empty these containers more frequently. Around 50% of the 254 million tons of trash disposed of is recyclable.


Recycling pick up can cost less

The cost of trash versus recycling can vary by state, quantity, and pick-up frequency. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency explained that a well-run curbside recycling program can cost $50-$150 per ton while trash can cost $70 to $200 per ton. In some cases, some scrap products can even be sold back for additional money. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin saved $13,000 a year by diverting polypropylene surgical sheeting (blue wrap) material from waste and instead recycling to be made into a new blue wrap.


Recycling creates more jobs

Recycling does not just help the environment by combating climate change, it creates jobs too. According to the EPA, every 1,100 tons of materials we recycle creates 1.17 jobs and tax revenue. A healthy economy helps all businesses—from purchasing materials to transportation to operating costs.


Looking to prevent litter at your business? Try our litter prevention checklist here. Ready to add additional trash or recycling receptacles to your business? Commercial Zone offers a full line of commercial-grade trash and recycling containers including custom solutions. Check out our 600 unique product choices on our website or call 800-782-7273 to speak to one of our industry experts.



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