The Hype About Hybrid Concerts

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June 29, 2021

The Hype About Hybrid Concerts

It's not just hybrid workplaces or schools. In the post-pandemic world, we'll also have hybrid concert performances. Thanks to new technology – named “turnkey livestreaming” – performing artists are now able to livestream shows across the globe while playing for live audiences at concert venues. Even as more Americans are being vaccinated and may feel more comfortable attending live in-person events, there is still a demand for an alternative to the live concert experience.

Virtual Concert

For those who want to wait a bit before entering an arena again, an at-home, livestreamed option could be a great solution.

Two companies, in particular, are helping make hybrid concerts possible. Live Nation and Veeps are equipping 60 music venues with audio and visual tech to optimize livestreams.

“Artists and fans are eager to get back to shows, and livestreams will continue to unlock opportunities for them to connect more than ever before,” said Michael Rapino, CEO and president of Live Nation.

Livestreaming saw major growth during the pandemic as audiences were confined at home, and live events were put on hold indefinitely. Many popular musicians discovered they could simply use their smartphones to casually stream shows from their living rooms to connect with fans during quarantine. This quickly evolved to artists releasing higher-quality shows captured from studios and other unique locations. Some artistic even began charging fans to access the streams.

Fast forward to today, and these virtual experiences are no small affair. Rolling Stone reports that pop star Dua Lipa put on a virtual show in November 2020 that cost $1.5 million to produce and took five months of prep work. The concert drew 5 million viewers — more than 20 times the number of people attending the biggest live show in history.

And virtual shows can even build the hype for in-person events. According to Rolling Stone, concert tickets for Dua Lipa’s tour spiked 70% after her livestreamed concert. In effect, the virtual shows are increasing the appetite for live concerts, which in turn will mean bigger gates.

The bottom line: as the live performance industry evolves to incorporate the new livestreaming technologies, venues holding in-person or hybrid events should prepare for increased attendees. Safety and cleanliness are still top priorities in people’s minds. By making the right additions to your venue, you can give concertgoers the peace of mind they’re looking for.

With most events offering food and drink kiosks for attendees, performance venues can quickly become littered with cups, bottles and food waste. And without the right number of waste and recycling receptacles, trash containers can overflow, creating clutter and making it difficult for attendees to properly dispose of their garbage.

Help make the long-anticipated concert experience enjoyable for attendees by placing plenty of waste and recycling containers around entrances, exits and other high-traffic areas around your venue. Commercial Zone offers a complete line of large capacity waste and recycling units that can hold substantial amounts of trash and recyclables, necessary for large gatherings like concerts. The wide selection of attractive yet durable commercial waste receptacles can withstand the harshest conditions – all while helping improve the appearance of your venue and keeping your space free of litter.

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