Why Businesses Should Go Green

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March 15, 2021

Why Businesses Should Go Green

This time of year, people are seeing green. St. Patrick's Day and spring weather are right around the corner, bringing the color green into focus. Earth Day activists and environmentalists encourage individuals and organizations to "go green," but going green is more than implementing the phrase, "reduce, reuse, recycle." It's about creating a truly sustainable business. Taking environmental responsibility seriously has more perks than you may think.

Go Green

Here are 3 ways your business can benefit from going green.

  1. Efficiency saves money

It’s true that implementing eco-friendly business practices can have a strong impact on the environment and conservation efforts. But those same activities can also save you money, boosting your bottom line. Using solar technology, you can reduce your electric bill. Some small businesses may also find that solar technology can remove their dependence on backup generators, freeing up significant money each month. Even large firms that stay on the grid to preserve continuity can save considerable cash by supplementing their electrical requirements with solar. In addition, switching to low-flow faucets and toilets can save you money on water bills while cutting down on water usage.

Sustainability can also save money on supplies. Many businesses unnecessarily go through reams of paper. Recycling can help preserve trees and the energy needed to produce new paper. To encourage recycling in your organization, place recycling bins next to all copy machines and printers. Precision series stainless steel recycling containers from Commercial Zone are the perfect balance between contemporary elegance and long-term durability for your office space. Plus, the patented Grab Bag system secures trash bags, ensuring that they don’t slide, making maintenance fast and easy.

  1. Green marketing awareness

Going green can help a business gain the trust of its customers. Research found that 66% of consumers reported they would pay more for a product or service that uses more sustainable sources. This number increased to 77% when talking specifically about millennials. Sustainability is more than box to check. It should be part of a company’s mission, values, and culture.

Going green is better for the environment, your bottom line and even your marketing and advertising—word-of-mouth advertising, that is. The kind of recommendations you can’t put a price on, word-of-mouth advertising helps a company extend its current market base and expand beyond it.

  1. Impact on employee morale

Going green isn’t all about positive customer sentiments. Your own employees appreciate greener business practices and involving them in larger company-wide green initiatives that can help boost overall morale. Greener business practices can even reduce turnover as employees feel that they are working towards something bigger within their community.

When deciding to go green or expand sustainable practices, the pros outweigh the cons. Investing time and money into these environmentally friendly protocols can help our world and your business succeed.

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