Winter Windshield Dos and Don’ts

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December 15, 2020

Winter Windshield Dos and Don’ts

Winter is upon us. What does that mean? The hassle of dealing with accumulating snow, ice, and salt buildup on your cars. Because many drivers rely on certain equipment at the pump island, it's important that for gas stations and C-Stores to have fully functional windshield service centers ready to help serve their customers. Here are some winter dos and don'ts to keep customer satisfaction high in the coming months.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

One of the most frustrating parts of winter for drivers on the road is dealing with accumulated snow, ice and salt on the windshield. Windshield ice and salt buildup isn’t just an inconvenience, it can also be a safety issue.

Because many drivers rely on equipment at the pump to clean the salt off their windshields, it’s important for gas stations and c-stores to be prepared this winter. Here are some winter dos and don’ts that if followed will help keep your customers happy in the coming months.

DO check windshield stations every year. Over time, windshield service centers and waste containers can become damaged due to harsh weather conditions and normal wear and tear. It is important for gas stations and C-stores to have fully functional windshield service centers ready to go for winter to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. If upon inspection you see that equipment is in need of replacement, Commercial Zone offers durable windshield cleaning stations that also double as waste containers.

DON’T forget to fill up. Perhaps nothing is more frustrating for winter travelers than going to clean a dirty windshield only to discover that all the wiper fluid containers are empty. Every day, gas station employees should be checking and filling up the containers to avoid this inconvenience to their customers. In the winter months it is important to use anti-freezing cleaning fluid in all windshield stations.

DO keep safety in mind. Gas pumps are full of germs. In fact, gas pump handles are considered more than 10,000 times dirtier than toilet seats. In the midst of a pandemic, it is more important than ever to offer sanitation solutions at every pump. The Aruba windshield service centers are part of a complete line of Clean Solutions products that help create safer touches for customers and employees. These combo waste/windshield service centers are also equipped with dispensers for hand sanitizers and gloves, encouraging good hygiene at the pump.

DON’T leave a mess. No one likes to try to wedge their trash into an overstuffed waste container, especially during periods of freezing temperatures. Overfilled trash cans and recycling containers around the gas pumps are unsightly and an inconvenience to your customers. Check waste containers outside your operation regularly to keep customers coming back. Commercial Zone offers a variety of trash containers, available for immediate delivery, that are built from rugged materials to handle whatever winter throws at them.

Make your business the ideal place to stop at this winter season by keeping cleanliness and convenience in mind when choosing your windshield service centers.

To learn more about the windshield service center solutions or the complete line of Clean Solutions available from Commercial Zone, contact us or call 800-782-7273.