3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Receptacles for An Apartment or Condo Complex

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September 14, 2023

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing Receptacles for An Apartment or Condo Complex

In order to choose the best receptacles for your apartment or condominium community, start by asking these three questions.

Trash receptacle outside of an apartment building

Author: Nick Llanas

The truth is the right trash receptacles may not change your apartment community or condominium complex. But the build-up of unsightly litter surely will. For property managers, choosing the right waste and recycling receptacles for your multi-family housing complexes is crucial to avoiding litter, which can lead to a poor property perception with new and existing tenants. To choose the best receptacles for your community, start by asking these three questions.

1. Where will the receptacles be placed?

Depending on the size of the complex, there may be a couple or a couple dozen locations that require receptacle. And each space may require a different type of unit. For example, an attractive indoor container will be best for a small lobby space, while a high-traffic outdoor area needs a durable outdoor receptacles with a lid to prevent pests and wind from spreading unsightly litter. So where should you start when placing trash and recycling receptacles?

Recommended Locations for Trash & Recycling Receptacles

  • Outdoor entryways
  • Outdoor amenities (like patios)
  • Meeting rooms
  • Building entrances/lobbies
  • Parking lots or structures
  • Maintenance areas
  • Designated smoking areas
  • Outdoor seating areas

This list is far from complete. The bottom line is that if you notice an accumulation of litter, it’s typically a clear sign that location is right for a trash receptacle.

2. How much waste, and what kind, will the receptacles collect?

To gauge the required capacities for your receptacles, consider performing or outsourcing a waste audit. This will help you understand the amount of trash and recycling your residents are producing. This will also help identify commonly discarded items. From there, you can decide if you need just a single-stream trash receptacle, both trash and recycling, or a multi-stream waste and recycling set-up that includes compost.

Notice unsightly cigarettes? You’re not alone. Cigarettes are the most littered item. For areas with high cigarette litter, choose a receptacle with an ashtray lid or add a Smokers’ Outpost® cigarette receptacle.

3. What style matches your building?

Receptacles should complement the spaces in which they are placed. They should blend in with the overall aesthetic, while also standing out just enough to be easily identified by tenants and their guests. Once you’ve determined the correct size, choose a color or material and browse the available options. Will modern stainless steel match the feng shui? Or perhaps a more durable, weather-proof style? Whatever you choose, ensure you use signs or decals to make the receptacle easy to use and understand.

The site furnishing experts at Commercial Zone have a variety of waste and recycling receptacles from which to choose, available in different sizes, shapes and styles. Browse our website to find the right solution for your apartment complex or condo community.